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        Kwanmin Fire, is a manufacturer and supplier of fire fighting goods dedicated in offering quality products to help costumer protecting their safety.
        All of our fire fighting activities started from 2009, as a trader of fire extinguisher in domestic market, we got chance to know deeply about fire fighting field , and kept accumulating lots of good relationship and resource nearby. Depending on this  powerful supporting, Kwanmin Fire, our own entity factory was founded in 2014. As a pioneer of professional automatic extinguisher cylinder making,  we have being the leader in domestic market, but we still make a lot of efforts to supply almost all kinds of fire fighting goods to satisfy our clients all around the world.
        We are still young and fresh, but we are full of passion and energy. Besides good quality and reasonable price, we are also trying to give you impeccable service through all our cooperation. Kwanmin will continue to grow and develop with steady steps, keep our principle of Honesty and keeping words on mind now and in the future.



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